How We Capture Audio at Your Wedding

by: Luis & Jenn · June 5, 2024
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Capturing the essence of your wedding day is more than just stunning visuals; it’s about preserving the heartfelt words and emotions that make your celebration unique. Clear and quality audio is crucial for a truly memorable wedding video, from your vows to the best man's toast. But how exactly do we capture audio at your wedding? Let’s dive into the process

The Planning Stage

Before the big day, we’ll discuss your first look, ceremony, reception details, and the order of events. This helps us plan the best approach for capturing audio explicitly tailored to your wedding.

During Your Wedding Day

Multiple Microphone  Setup

We use a combination of high-quality microphones and recorders to ensure we capture every important sound:

  1. Lavalier Microphones: These small, discreet mics are clipped onto the groom, officiant, and sometimes the bride. They capture close-up audio of the vows and other spoken parts of the ceremony.
  2. Handheld Microphones: Perfect for speeches and toasts, handheld mics can be passed around easily, ensuring that everyone who speaks is heard clearly.
  3. Directional Microphones: When needed, they are strategically placed around the venue. These mics pick up ambient sounds and background noise, adding depth and realism to your video.

Direct Audio Feed from the DJ/Band

We often connect directly to the DJ or band’s sound system for the reception. This ensures we get a clean audio feed for all the announcements, music, and speeches. By working closely with your DJ or band, we synchronize our audio capture with their equipment, providing high-quality sound in your videos.


We understand that technology sometimes fails, and for this reason, we always have backup systems. From extra microphones to secondary recording devices, we ensure no important audio is lost, even if something goes wrong with our primary equipment.

After Your Wedding Day


Once your wedding day is over, our work continues in the editing stage. We review all the audio recordings, syncing them with the video footage. We use professional audio editing software to clean up any background noise, balance audio levels, and enhance the clarity of the spoken words and music. This ensures that your final wedding video sounds as amazing as it looks.

A Personal Touch

We know that every wedding is unique, as are your audio needs. Whether you have specific requests for microphone placement or concerns about capturing certain moments, we’re here to listen and adapt. We do our best to be discreet and capture your wedding day exactly as you envision.‍


Capturing high-quality audio at your wedding is essential for creating a video that truly reflects the magic of your day. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions about our audio capturing process or anything else. We’re here to help you preserve your wedding day memories for years to come.

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