5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer

by: Luis & Jenn · Feb 2, 2024
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Finding the right wedding videographer can feel like an overwhelming task. With so many different options available it may not be easy to know where to begin. The stakes are high; after all, these are memories you'll treasure for a lifetime. No matter who you decide to hire as your wedding videographer, make sure you ask the right questions. Here are 5 questions to consider asking that may help guide you when making a decision.

1. Will you be capturing my wedding yourself or are you an agency that will send someone else?

This will let you get a better feel for what to expect. Some couples prefer to work with their videographer directly so that they can get to know them and share all of the details of their vision for their video. With an agency, you may not get as much time to get to know your videographer before your wedding day. It may also be important to you to have your video match the style of the videos you see on a company's site. If so, working with an individual videographer would ensure that your video matches that. When working with an agency, it may be a bit tougher to know the style of video you will get as styles may vary between different videographers.

2. How will you collaborate with my photographer on my wedding day?

It’s often helpful to ask what the videographer's experience and approach is when working with photographers. Based on their response, it can be an indicator whether they are a team player or will be thinking more about themselves. If they seem to respond with agitation when working with photographers or other vendors, this may not be a good sign. For things to go smoothly on your wedding day, ideally you want your videographer and photographer to have a team oriented approach.

3. How will you capture the audio for my ceremony and reception?

Having great audio is essential for a great wedding video. Get an understanding of how your videographer will capture good quality sound during those key moments like your vows and speeches. Even if you don’t want to get too technical, it's a good idea to get some reassurance that the videographer has a plan for recording audio. The way audio is captured may vary between wedding videographers. For example, some videographers may ask to place a microphone on the bride and or groom or they may ask to put a microphone on the officiant. Others may connect directly to your DJ's sound system. 

4 . When will my wedding video(s) be delivered?

On average, wedding videos can take 2 - 4 months to deliver, but this will vary and can be dependent on the videographer's editing style, amount of footage captured, and length of video to be delivered. Some may offer a faster turnaround time or even same-day delivery at an additional cost. The turnaround time may be important to you if you are wanting to have your video delivered in time for a special occasion or event.

5. How will my wedding video(s) be delivered?

Do you prefer your video in a physical format? Will you want to be able to easily share your video with friends and family, or guests who couldn’t attend? Do you want to be able to share your video on social media? Do you want an easy way to view your video digitally? Depending on your answers to the previous questions the way your video is delivered may be an important question for you to ask.

A regular USB or a custom-designed USB are common options. Some videographers may just share a Google Drive or Dropbox link directly. Others may provide a custom video gallery website for you to experience and share your videos with loved ones. Another popular way to receive your video is in a wedding video book. DVDs are also sometimes offered, although they are less common today in our digital world.

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